Thursday 29 June 2017
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Are the Wine Deliveries in Singapore Free?

Wine is an integral part of the Singapore food and beverage culture. Therefore, you will find numerous types and brands of quality wines in restaurants and stores to satisfy your taste buds. On the other hand, there are significant logistic challenges attached to finding good wine, especially if you work long hours or there are no good wine sellers in your vicinity. Fortunately, you can shop comfortably and order your wine through online shops. The beverage will be delivered to your location conveniently, and you will not be burdened by unnecessary fatigue. Here is what you need to know about wine deliveries in Singapore.

Charge Structure for Wine Delivery

Before you order your wine through online stores, it is crucial to know whether the delivery will be free or not. In general, there are different charge structures that are used by various wine delivery Singapore businesses. However, the concept or idea behind the charges is the same. You can get free deliver for wine in Singapore from most suppliers when you order a quantity beyond a predetermined threshold. For example, the wine shop can state that all wine orders above $150 will be completely free with regard to delivery. This means that there is a small service charge that will be imposed on other orders below this amount.

How to Order

You can order wine from online stores through a variety of methods, depending on the business that you choose. If you are a frequent buyer or you like to explore options for every order, you should make your purchase through official websites. This process is more pleasurable because you can browse the virtual store as you would a physical one. You can also make an order through a phone call if you like to make inquiries before making a purchase. Some shops will also allow you to text your request via a messaging platform or application like WhatsApp.

Delivery Timeline

The period taken for your wine delivery will depend on the time when you make your order. Generally, if you would like to have your wine delivered on the same day that you made the order; it is prudent to order early. You can inquire from the shop about the time threshold. Otherwise, you will receive the wine on the next working day. Some shops will deliver all days on weekends while others will not. Therefore, check any restrictions early to avoid unexpected inconveniences. If you would like an express delivery, you will have to pay a higher charge for the service. In some cases, this can be up to twice the normal service charge, and you will lose your right to free wine delivery.


Incorrect Order

In extenuating circumstances, you might receive a wrong order form your wine store. For instance, the brand of wine might be incorrect or the number of bottles might not be as specified in your order. In addition, the package might have accidentally sustained damage prior or during the delivery. If this happen, the wine store will rectify the mistake and you will not have to pay another delivery charge. For the rectification of this type of error, you will need your delivery note to confirm the mistake.

Receiving Your Order

You should ensure that you are available to collect your order to avoid the inconvenience to both you and the wine delivery staff. If there is no one to receive the package, the wine will remain in the custody of the supplier. You might also incur extra charges for a second delivery of your goods, so ensure that your order is always received on time. Ideally, there are no special restrictions with regard to the person who can receive the wine. However, the pertinent individual must at least be eighteen, and the delivery personnel reserves the right to request for official identification to confirm this.


Ordering wine from online stores is convenient and easy, especially when you consider the hustle of driving to a store and carrying the package home. The delivery of wine in Singapore is an inexpensive, and you can get free shipping by ordering the items in relative bulk. When making your purchase, always look out for offers on delivery, tasting events and even discounts on the products for a more enjoyable experience.