Friday 21 July 2017
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Freshn’ Crisp-Helping You Save Costs While Enjoying Fresh Fruits and Vegetables For Longer

Each one of us would like to extend the longevity and freshness of their produce. It is well understood that produce that goes bad means waste of money and more trips to the grocery store. Fortunately, freshn’ crisp from Freshnlife is available to help you prolong the shelf life of your fresh farm produce and save money on shopping in the long run. It is possible that you prolong the shelve life of your unwrapped vegetables and fruits by up to three weeks by placing freshn’ crisp pods within a near proximity.


Mechanism of Action

As fruits and vegetables ripen, they produce an increased amount of carbon dioxide, oxygen and ethylene. These gases help in speeding up the ripening process. When ethylene gas gets absorbed in the fridge, the rate at which ripening takes place is tremendously reduced, therefore slowing down the ripening process significantly. Fresh’n Crisp makes use of a pure form of zeolite, which has crystalline cavities and pores that are of uniform dimensions hence helping to maximize the performance of the preservation product.

Scientifically Proven To Be Effective

Freshn’ crisp has been proven to be working quite perfectly well with regard to the preservation of fruits and vegetables. With this product, you can enjoy your fruits in a fresh state for longer. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the safety of this incredible product as there are no heavy metals contained in it .this is not the case with other brands of freshness extenders that are available in the market today which contain toxic elements that may cause harm to your health especially in the long run. Although it is used in dry produce that has not been sprinkled with water this awesome freshness extender works well with all kinds of farm fresh produce. Nonetheless, this product is much easier to use as opposed to other options that you find in the market today.

Long Lasting and Affordable

You do not have to get it replaced every time since you need to do so after every three months. This means that you would not have the need of going to the market regularly to buy freshn’ crisp for preserving your produce. However, when you realize that the vegetables and fruits that you have stored begin to ripen faster, this could be a sign that it is no longer working and should be replaced. This normally happens just once in three months period. What makes this product even more attractive is the insane price, which it sells in the market.


Preserving fruits and vegetables has been a huge challenge for most people. However, with Fresh’n Crisp, an easy to use and effective product, you can rest assured that you will go about your normal daily chores without worrying about your vegetables going bad in the fridge. You will also save on cost and cut on the length of time that you would commute to your local grocery store to replenish your stock because you can always buy enough for the time that you want when you visit the store. Visit today to learn more.