Thursday 29 June 2017
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The Most Wonderful Items of Garfagnana

Garfagnana products are made with main aim as to promote typical products of Tuscany area especially to people who have never familiar with the taste. These kinds of products are processed by old medieval mill from cheeses. These productions are raised from best garfagnana pastures from jams and craft beers. It will take you to precious meats of earth Lucheese.

You can expect different products from Garfagnana based on varying odors.

Duck Ragout 180 Gram

It is one of the Biroldo. In order to use it, one has to follow several steps.

  • Heat this for few minutes on saucer at low heat and add few spoons of pasta cooking water.
  • Drain pasta
  • Whip it to sauce


Ham Bazzone

Ham Bazzone of countryside products will remain ideal if it is cut with knife to obtain both physical and chemical characteristics. The flavor is mainly based on cutting. Anyways, it will highly penetrate and will be more aromatic. It is just available at the cost of 21.36.

Salami Garfagnana

It is a sausage mixed with natural casings and will live for 60 days. It is produced following the ancient procedure of Garfagnana.

Wild Boar Ragout

In order to taste this, one has to heat it for few minutes at low-temperature sauce. After few minutes, just add few spoons of water, then drain pasta and whip it to the surface.

The birra al faro preparation was started in 2002 in a village named Petrognola. This has started receiving more positive feedbacks for its taste.


Preparation of Beer barley

As one of the products of Garfagnana, pancetta arrotolata was created. It was started just prior to 1 year. It is actually salami with intense and strong taste. Therefore, one can enjoy the extreme taste of it.

Mushroom Sauce

The Chianina meat sauce is available in ready-made state. In order to use, you have to just heat before few minutes on the saucer at low heat.