Thursday 29 June 2017
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Why Should You Choose Nonstick Cookware Very Carefully?

Nonstick cookware will help you cook food with little oil. However, you should be concerned about the quality of the cookware. The material used for the preparation of the cookware, design, accessories and price are some of the important factors. You should get the value as well as performance from the cookware. You are advised to go through the reviews on pans and sets so that the best cookware can be procured without any issues.


You should choose the best nonstick cookware, and you should have great convenience in maintaining the product. Utmost care should be taken to avoid metal contact with the pan. The nonstick coating will be scratched when you use a metal spoon.

Nonstick cookware should be washed with a soft sponge. They should never be scourged. If you are cooking at a very high temperature, you should avoid non-stick cookware.


Benefits of nonstick utensils

  • You can clean nonstick utensils very easily.
  • The food will not stick to the pan during cooking.
  • You will cook at low temperatures so that the nutritional value is retained.
  • The amount of fat can be decreased by using non-stick cookware.

Expectations of nonstick cookware

The product should be PFOA free. Teflon treated with PTFE is the true nonstick cookware. The food will slide immediately on this kind of surface. However, it should not be superheated (beyond 500 ºF) in which case, gases will be released. These gases are harmful to human-beings and pets. The cookware should be perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) free so that there will not be any health issues.

In recent past, new types of nonstick cookware are released in the market. These are ceramic coated pans and porcelain-enameled cookware. Ceramic is an eco-friendly nonstick cookware option. The good qualities are it is hard, stick-resistant and smooth. However, the surface is fragile and it should be maintained well to retain the non-stick properties. Baked-on porcelain coating will be applied on glass. This is another eco-friendly option. If you maintain the cookware in right ways, it will last a lifetime. However, the surface is very fragile and you should take additional care.

Non-stick pans, cookware sets, and dishes can be ordered online. You can find reputed brands like T-fal so that you can take advantage of quality products as well as best support. As a coating on non-stick cookware will not last for many years, you should go for economical versions so that there will be value as well as performance.

Katherine is a chef in a five star restaurant and has good knowledge about the right cookware to be used and he expresses his thoughts extensively in his blogs