Hottest Summer Hair Color Ideas

There are a lot of hair colors out there. But which one is the best for summer? We’ll help you find your perfect shade with this post on the most popular shades of hair color for summer.

There are three main types of hair colors that have very different tones. You can go with a cool tone such as a blue or purple, you could get a neutral tone in order to match your skin better (which would be brown), and then there are warm tones like reds and golds which will make your skin look tanner. Out of all these options, I think the best shade for summer is either an orangey-gold or light blonde because it will give you that sun-kissed glow!

shade of hair color

The perfect shade of hair color for summer

There are several factors to consider when choosing a hair color for the summer season. For example, a person’s skin tone may have an impact on which shade of blonde, brunette, or red is best for them. A woman with olive skin might be better suited to wearing warm shades of brown while someone with fair skin tones would look good in cooler colors like ash blondes and rose golds. Make sure you also take into account your eye color – wear purples if you have green eyes or blues if you’re blue-eyed!

types of hair colors

You’ve probably been wondering what to do with your hair this summer. You don’t want it to be too dark but you also don’t want the same color as last year. What should you do? Follow these steps and your worries will be over!

  • First, decide on a natural shade of hair that would work well for the summer months: something light or blond.
  • Next – take a picture of your current hair color before starting any changes so you can see how far along in the process you are when it comes time to fix mistakes.
  • Lastly, follow these instructions from beginning to end so that we can make sure all goes smoothly!

The key is finding a color that compliments your skin tone and eye color so you don’t end up looking too washed out or eye-searingly bright (unless, of course, that’s what you’re going for!). If you want something deeper than light brown but not quite black, try medium brunette shades with gold highlights!